Lovian Postal Bureau

Lovian Postal Bureau

"Post delivered"

Name Lovian Postal Bureau
Type subsidiary
Product post delivery
Origin Lovian
Owner(s) Contra Holding

The Lovian Postal Bureau is the national mail service of Lovia. It's part of Contra Holding. They also hold contracts from Federal Express and United Parcel Service to take care of local business submitted into or arriving aboard their respective systems. They have a method of operation unique among major postal systems.

The larger "Blue Team" carries out deliveries to all addresses in the kingdom Monday through Friday, typically in the morning but occasionally this work keeps them on until early afternoon. The smaller "Red Team" picks up outbound mail from pillar boxes situated in every community in late afternoon and evening, often seven days a week via staggering the work schedule, and from other locations that subscribe for daily pickup. They also transport mail between post offices, and submit and collect mail at ports of entry that hasn't been designated for handling by an express agency. The "Gold Team" designation was adopted by the fixed-location staff who crew LPB post offices, service counters, and miscellaneous works, while the elite "White Team" deals primarily with express packages requiring a signature.

The typical experience of the residential customer is that their mailbox is used only to receive mail. Sending mail usually requires that it be dropped into a pillar box or submitted at a post office.

The arrival in the postal system of mailed items too big or heavy to be safely delivered by the letter carrier will generate a notice to the addressee to ring a phone number or visit a website to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for delivery. The LPB on each inhabited island often has access to a bobtail truck with a forklift, but needs to be able to plan the use of these resources. Similar procedures exist for handling of items where the sender paid to require a signature.

Letter rates Edit

  • Number 9 or smaller envelopes, handwritten Lovia address... 2 perdiem free per return address, then standard rate
  • Standard & North America rate... 50¢
  • Pacific Rim rate... 65¢
  • Rest of world rate... $1

Hexacode Edit

Main article: hexacode

The LPB worked closely with King Dimitri on the development and implementation of the hexacode system, employing among other resources a custom rewrite of the Canadian postcode routing software. Mail routing policy is to defer first to the hexacode, then to "third-line text" address information.

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