Lovian Future

This is the official party platform of the Lovian Future Party. We seek to advocate for a more progressive Lovia, with socially liberal values. We will fight for an economy that works for everyone, and we will protect the environment. Whilst being a leftist party at heart, we will place working together with others for a more prosperous, progressive Lovia over divisive partisan politics.


  • We advocate the regulation of the economy by the federal government to ensure that the less well off are given a helping hand.
  • We support the creation of a National Minimum Wage to ensure that no resident of Lovia lives in poverty.
  • We believe that Lovia should consider making free trade deals with countries such as Brunant, Traspes and Libertas.
  • We support further federal investment in state governments, particularly those that are lagging behind in terms of infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and transportation.

Domestic affairsEdit

  • We believe that Lovia should be a republic, with an elected President serving as a ceremonial head of state. Should we form a majority government, we would legislate for a referendum to be held on this issue.
  • We believe that devolution in its current form has led to a great deal of inactivity and conflict within the country, and therefore we believe in limiting the powers that the individual states have. Therefore, we would consider proposing a constitutional amendment that would strike a balance between giving State Councils a small amount of power, whilst ensuring that state governments do not begin to function like self-governing countries. We believe that these proposed changes should then be put to the Lovian electorate via a referendum.
  • We believe that immigration should be encouraged where it is of benefit to the Lovian economy.
  • We support the banning of private militias, in order to promote peace and stability.


  • We will unite the state healthcare systems into a single National Healthcare Service. This new system should be free at the point of need, and also have provisions for mental health care and social care.
  • We are pleased with the progress that state governments have made in building new hospitals and improving existing ones in our cities, and would like to continue this progress by opening small clinics in towns which currently lack such facilities.
  • We believe that the tobacco industry should be regulated further, and as such we would consider supporting a law that requires plain packaging for cigarettes, as well as a ban on smoking in public places such as restaurants and bars.


  • We believe that public education should be secular; schools should not promote one religion over another, nor should they teach religious beliefs such as creationism as scientific fact.
  • We support the establishment of bilingual schools that teach regionally recognised languages such as Oceana and Bredish alongside English.
  • We oppose the school voucher system, although we welcome much of the recent education reform, particularly the creation of the LCE and SLCE.
  • We will introduce Qualified Teacher Status, a qualification which all school teachers must have in order to teach in public schools. Teachers will be able to gain QTS after completing an approved teacher training course.
  • We will support a “Higher Education Act”, which puts an end to university tuition fees, and makes provisions for federal funding for our universities

Foreign affairs and defenceEdit

  • We oppose the creation of a Lovian military, especially if it means higher taxes and less investment in public services.
  • We believe in a closer, more powerful IWO to promote trade, peace and co-operation between wikinations.
  • We believe in strengthening Lovia’s ties with the United States and European Union.

Housing and social securityEdit

  • We believe that one of the first priorities of any new government should be to provide new housing for those made homeless as a result of the Burenian invasion and Clymene crisis.
  • We would support a federal government scheme that helps young Lovians buy their first property, by providing a grant that will allow them to place a deposit on a property.


  • We believe that Lovian businesses and government institutions should pay closer attention to their impact on the environment.
  • We believe that Lovia should strive to use renewable energy sources wherever possible.

Social affairsEdit

  • We support the right of women to have an abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy. As such, we will oppose any bill in Congress that seeks to undermine this right.
  • We are pleased with legislation that has legalised same-sex marriage, although we believe that the government should do more to protect the rights of LGBT people. Therefore, we believe that a non-discrimination act should be introduced in Congress. Likewise, we also believe that conversion therapy on minors should be made illegal, as it fuels a culture of prejudice and homophobia.
  • We believe that euthanasia should be legalised, in order to give those suffering from terminal illnesses the right to end their lives with dignity
  • We believe that Lovia should implement a system of paid parental leave for new parents. We should consider modelling this on the system used in Sweden, in which parents are entitled to 480 days leave, which can be shared between both parents.

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