The Lovian Food and Wine Festival is an event showcasing food and drink from across IWO nations, including Lovia, Brunant and Mäöres. The festival is organized into several sections, one going to each country. There are also specialized pavilions for certain special events and drinks.

Lovia PavilionEdit

Brunant PavilionEdit

Brunanter cheese will be showcased as well, with a variety of Markstad, Virgin and Witte Vampier cheeses.

Mäöres PavilionEdit

Inselöarna PavilionEdit

Wine Tasters PavilionEdit

The Wine Tasters pavilion will showcase select wines from Lovia and other IWO countries, namely Brunant and Libertas. On display will be some of Wine Tasters' highest-rated wines, as well as a selection of Lovian wines which will be available for degustation.

A limited number of bottles will be available for sale. The wines at the pavilion will include Morels, Anselme, Round Tree, Olsen's and Terrais.


An auction will also be held on the third night of the event, in order to raise funds for various charities. On the block will be a bottle of 1969 Valentine Grand Listan, one of 500 bottles of the rare 1981 Vianna Listan, a private winemakers tour of the Morels winery in Charles Town and a year's supply of E. Olsen Reserve Cabernet.

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