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The Lovian Fencing Federation was founded in 1999 by Philip Bradly-Lashawn, the illegimate son of King Arthur III of Lovia.

Fencing has been a sport in Lovia since the early 1920's but it was not until Bradly-Lashawn began national and regional tournaments that it became more popular. He won the very first tournament (organised by himself) in 1999 and has been holding the tournaments anually ever since. The Lovian Fencing Federation (LFF) is responsible for organising the tournaments for both men and women and does this with great success. Usually, the national competitions are either in June or in July. The most famous champion is Henri Megrii who has won all tournaments since 2000, except that of 2010. Other important fencers are Gregory Howes and Priya Manjarah.

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