The Lovian Ethnological Museum is a small museum in St Stephens, a neighborhood of Kinley, Seven. The museum focuses on North American indigenuous culture and has an extensive collection of Aleut and Inuit art as well as many old Ojibweg artefacts. The museum exists since 1977 and was founded by Harold Curtis, Lovian scientist and anthropologist. The museum is sponsored by the state and open for visitors every day from 9am to 6pm, except on sundays, when it is closed.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

The Lovian Ethnological Museum is situated in a former factory hall, which was renovated and redesigned for the purpose of becoming a museum for agriculture in the early 1970s, a plan which was never realized. Instead, it was bought by Harold Curtis, who founded the current museum and the accompanying research institute. 

Second renovation Edit

In 2008 the museum was renovated with government money, to include a second floor and more room on the first floor. A spacious hall for display of canoes was added.

Lay-out, tickets and opening hours Edit

The museum consists of a couple of rooms and hallways stuffed with curiosities. There is also a small cinema used for documentaries. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Hollywood movies are screened for the local residents free of charge. The Seven Botanical Garden is directly adjacent to the museum, and a co-ticket can be bought for both attractions with a small discount. Residents of Kinley can visit the museum for free.

There are two floors, the first floor with Inuit and other Canadian ethnic artefacts and items, and the second floor dedicated to Mesoamerican, Ojibweg and Cherokee cultures. There is also a small space reserved on the first floor for temporary exhibitions and expositions by local artists.

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