Lovian Epic Sports Group

Extreme, epic and sports

Full name Lovian Epic Sports Group
Date May 19, 2012-present
Nicknames LESG
Club colors

██ red

██ purple

Sports Snowboarding, (sky)diving
Chairman Laurens De Earend
Headquarters Downing Apartments, Seal of Little Europe Little Europe, Seal of Noble City Noble City

The Lovian Epic Sports Group or LESG is a Lovian action sports team wich was founded on May 19 in 2012 by Laurens De Earend, a Belgian-Lovian artist and athlete. It's headquarters are in the Downing Apartments, Little Europe, Noble City.

Sports Edit

The current sports are:

  • snowboarding
  • skydiving
  • diving

Chairman Laurens De Earend is searching for new sports.


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