Lovian Democratic Party
LDP logo
Chairman William Krosby

██ blue

██ pink

Founded 1980
Successor Liberal Democratic Party
Ideology liberalism, political reform
Spectrum centrist
Lovian Politics
Close to SDP
Far from UNS
MOTCs 1 (11%)
Former Members

William Krosby, MOTC

The Lovian Democratic Party (abbreviated to LDP) was a Lovian centrist moderate republican political party formed in 1980. Originally a traditional republican socialist party, it evolved into a social-liberal centrist moderately republican party by the 2000s. From 2003 through 2007, the party held seats in the Congress. It lost popularity by mid-2007 and did not elect any members into the 2008 Congress. However, one member was elected into the 2011 Provisional Congress, William Krosby, who was also the party leader. In May 2011, the party merged with the Liberal Union to form the Liberal Democratic Party, although most of the party remained the same.

History Edit

The Lovian Democratic Party was formed in 1980 as a moderate republican party supporting the reduction in the powers of the King and a democratic Congress. During the first years of the Congress, it had at least two members in the Congress, until 2006 when the party lost popularity as well as some seats in Congress. It boycotted the 2008 elections in protest of the ascension of Dimitri I. After a state of disorganization and unpopularity, William Krosby led the party back into mild popularity, as he was appointed as a member of the 2011 Provisional Congress in April 2011. The party merged with the Liberal Union in May 2011 to form the Liberal Democratic Party.

Platform Edit

Political Edit

  • The King's powers should be reduced, and the current king should be the last.
  • An office of the President should be created.

Economic Edit

  • Pensions and benefits for the elderly,
  • Unemployment benefits and labor exchanges, accident insurance, paid leave on emergencies, better working conditions, improved labor laws
  • Encouragement of state control of main industries, including steel, coal, and electricity
  • Establishment of a proper land and money code
  • The establishment of a central bank
  • Reorganization of the budget

Justice Edit

  • Expansion and reorganization of the Police
  • Reorganization of the judicial system
  • Increase number of Supreme Court judges to three

Civil Edit

  • Equal rights for all Lovians
  • All homosexual-related activities should be legal
  • Abortion should be legalized at any time during the first trimester

Other Edit

  • Coordination among the different parties
  • Increased pro-environmental laws

Members Edit

Former Edit

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