The Lovian Conservationist Association, abbreviated to the LCA, is a Lovian association with aims to support the environment. The members of the organization believe that nature should be preserved, rather than be used for industrial purposes. However, the LCA believes that companies are not at fault, and rather the individual citizen should be expected to preserve the environment. The Association holds the belief that 70% of pollution is caused not by large companies, but by normal citizens running their daily lives. It is commonly known that industries will buy land from a farmer, then flatten it, then build on it. To prevent this, the LCA will buy the land at a higher price, then permit the original owner to carry on living on it as he or she had before, as well as buy scenic or land with high biodiversity and prevent others from building on it.

The LCA is a private organization and therefore runs almost completely on donations. There are currently several consistent donaters, most significantly Charles Walker and millionaire Christopher Costello.

Current supporters Edit

Donation Box Edit

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