Lovian Aerospace is a conglomerate formerly based in Lovia, now based on an unnamed island to the South West of the Lovian Islands, which provides the planes and helicopters of the Lovian Air Force, and the planes that fly in Air Lovia and flyLOVIA's fleets.


Set up in the early days of civilian flight, the company swiftly grew, under the wise management of Fredrick von Strauss, from 1952 until his death in 1993. At this point, his Grandson, Jon von Strauss took control of the company, and began to create Aircraft for the government, gaining subsidies as he did so. With these additional funds, the company was able to acquire several smaller, weaker Aeronautical Companies. In doing so, the company swelled in size, and gain a monopoly over the entire Aeronautical Industry of Lovia, but was forced to leave the capital, following severe regulations being placed on monopolies. Moving into the Countryside, the Conglomerate took their workers with them. They did not pursue the reaffirming of their contract with the Lovian Government, instead selling their planes to other nations.

When the war started, the company made a political U-turn, supplying the Lovian Government with planes and helicopters, with a policy that the government would pay them back when the war ended.

In the WarEdit

The Conglomerate began training it's own armed forces and air force, to defend the small island they are based on. Thus far, the highly trained and well equipped militia has thrown 5 Burenian Amphibious assaults, whilst the air force over the area has led to the Burenians marking it as a no-fly-zone.

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