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"The seas hold no limits"

Name LoviLines
Product Cruise and Transport routes
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded May 30, 2008, by Charles Walker
Owner(s) Charles Walker
Headquarters Seal of Old Port Old Port NH
Seal of Transcity Transcity NC

LoviLines is a Lovian cruise and transport shipping company providing both bulk cargo transport and luxury cruises. Its headquarters are situated in Old Port, Newhaven and in Transcity, Noble City. The first liner, The Lovian Princess, is welcoming its first visitors on June 10, 2008, and will go into service by mid june. Conqueror, a bulk transporter is still in the planning process, but will hopefully be available from july onwards. There are ideas for a train carrier, primarily for the use of Loviarail and the Pacific Railroad Company, but whether it will be built is still uncertain.

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Cruise transport routes Edit

Public transport routes Edit

All routes are available in return

Cargo transport routes Edit

Any route can be requested by a company or individual who wishes to make a large transfer of cargo.