Lorelei is a Lovian singer from Hurbanova, Oceana. She is sometimes compared to Grimes or Alice Glass in terms of musical style. Her music is produced by Rain King. She is signed to Warped Records. Lorelei (real name: Ann Cummings) legally changed her name to Lorelei Loreleisen in 2011 after becoming estranged from her family. She is credited with rejuvenating the Lovian singer-songwriter scene, and has released a debut album to moderately positive reviews in 2012.

Lorelei is also involved with witch house project TODΔY'S ΔNGST, together with Kevin Oldfield of Nothing The Black Celebration

Lorelei has a distinctive falsetto voice. Her music is characterized by shimmering, dynamic electronica and organic beats (created by playing drum machines live).

Discography Edit

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