Lord European Sport Association

Sunshine, Amusement, and Sports

Full name Lord European Sport Association
Date May 28, 2008-present
Nicknames LESA
Club colors

██ blue

██ red

Sports Petanque, darts, table tennis, Lovian boules
Chairman Doris Stern
Headquarters Sycamore Maple Court, Seal of Long Road Long Road, Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Doris Stern and Paul Thurman

Founder Doris Stern and all-sports playing Paul Thurman

The Lord European Sport Association or Lord, abbreviated LESA, is a Lovian popular multi-sport club, founded May 28, 2008. Currently the club has three sports related occupations: pétanque, darts, table tennis, and Lovian boules. It is often seen as the successor of the West End Petanque Association, though the LESA denies this as a result of WEPA's bad name. The club was founded by Doris Stern and is based in the area covering West End LR, New Town and Artista. Its so-called "headquarters" are the Sycamore Maple Court in Long Road.

The club's name is derived from the name of the Noble City axis running through Long Road, the Lord Axis.

The Association is nationwide known to be a very open-minded group, that is tolerant towards all origins. Its members usually are of European, Latin American, or Arabic descent, but regard themselves as one large group of Lovians.

LESA is a LSCA member.

Sports Edit

The sports club currently offers its members three sports:

LESA already planned to expand their sports assortment with several other sports, mostly European, though the club says it will not feel restricted to European sports only. Some of the sports named for expansion are: tennis, and village cricket.

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