Seal of the Sylvania Police

The Sylvania Police was a local police authority on state level

The Local Police were Lovian police authorities erected since April 4th, 2008, under the Federal Law Local Police Act, proposed by then Secretary of Welfare Arthur Jefferson. The Local Police Act was repealed August 29th, 2010, as part of the Sixth Amendment (2010 State Reform).

Organization Edit

Every Lovian state was obliged to erect a local police system and was free to choose which system to apply. Several options were available:[1]

  1. State Police, a safety authority working within the state boundaries and handling all issues within that state. This authority is managed by the state government.
  2. City and Town Police, several safety authorities working within their city or town and handling all issues within and in the surroundings of that location. These authorities are managed by local governments.
  3. A combination of these two system. Every town and city has its own Town or City Police, handling all issues within that location, and one State Police, administering local authorities and handling all issues outside towns and cities or issues that concern multiple locations. In that case, local governments manage the Town and City Police, while state government manages the State Police.

Local Police authorities Edit

These states used the State Police system:

Sylvania had chosen the Combination System:

No state had chosen the town and city system.

References and notes Edit

  1. According to the Federal Law before August 29th 2010, Article 6.2.

See also Edit

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