Logo of lizard

The people's store

Name Lizard
Type Supermarket
Product Food
Origin Lovian
Founded 1998
Owner(s) Newhaven Party
Headquarters Abby Springs and Old Port, Kings Island, Seal of Kings Kings

Lizard is a set of five Lovian supermarkets in Newhaven, Novosevensk, Plains and Sofasi: in Abby Springs, Clymene State Airport and the Old Port.

Origin Edit

The first two stores were first set up in 1998 (as Joplings) and almost immediately became a success. However many of the inhabitants of Newhaven felt that smaller, local businesses were being damaged by Joplings, with whom they were unable to compete.

Eventually, in 2005, the people of Newhaven launched a hugely effective boycott of Joplings in an attempt to force the owner, J.W.Grindon, to separate the agricultural and trading parts of his business. Profits in the two stores dropped to almost nothing and eventually Grindon gave in, selling them to the Newhaven Party. They were renamed Lizard.

Current ownership Edit

The stores are now owned by a cooperative organised by the Newhaven Party, a minor political party dedicated to representing the people of Newhaven. Lizard's ownership is shared by its members.

Lizard is very popular in Newhaven - this is due to its convenience and fairly cheap prices, as well as the fact that all profit goes into the pockets of Newhaven's inhabitants. In fact there was a dramatic increase in membership of the Newhaven Party after Lizard's purchase as people queued up to buy shares in the new store. In fact the party became so popular that it was able to buy a third shop in Clymene State Airport.

Organisation Edit


The 'fruit and vegetables' section in Lizard

Lizard's is organised in a similar way to its predecessor Joplings; a key difference is that Lizard does not sell such a wide range of products as they are not supplied by dedicated farms as Joplings are. One interesting rule laid down by the Party is that if the supermarket buys products from a business below a certain size they are forbidden to sell it in the store at a higher price. This encourages the growth of local businesses.