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Below is a list of equivalents of the name 'Lovia' and derived terms in other languages (exonyms). In recent years, the endonyms, i.e. the English terms used by the Lovians, have become more dominant in many languages. In Libertas, for example, the use of 'Lovië' has steadily declined in the 2000s, whereas the use of 'Lovia' grew both in speech and written texts.

Archaic and obsolete forms are not listed.

List Edit

English Lovia Lovian (adjective) a Lovian (male) a Lovian (female)
Africa Lovie Lovie Lovie Lovie
Albanian Llovia Lloviz Lloviz Lloviz
Bredish Lovia Lovis Lovjer Lovjerin
Croatian Lovia Loviski Loviski Loviski
Danish Lovien Loviansk Lovianer Lovianer
Dutch Lovia[1] Loviaans[2] Loviaan[3] Loviaanse
Finnish Louvia Louvianska Louvialainen Louvialainen
French Lovie Lovain Lovain Lovaine
German Lovia (Löwia) Lovisch (Löwisch) Lovier (Löwier) Lovierin (Löwierin)
Greek Λόβια (Lovia) Λοβός (Lovos) Λοβός (Lovos) Λοβη (Love)
Hungarian Loviá Loviár Loviár Loviár
Icelandic Lovia Loviísk Loviísk Loviísk
Italian Lovia Loviano Loviano Loviana
Kazakh Ловия (Loviya) Лoвша (Lovsha) Ловыс (Lovys) Ловыс (Lovys)
Latin Lovia Lovia Loviae Loviae
Latvian Lovia Lovias Lovias Lovias
Libertan Lovië[4] Loviaans Loviaan Loviaanse
Limburgish Lovië[5][6] Lovisj[7] Lovieër Loviester, Lovieërmès
Lithuanian Lovia Lovios Lovios Lovios
Mandarin Chinese 劳鸭 (Láoyā) 劳鸭 (Láoyā) 劳鸭人 (Láoyā rén) 劳鸭人 (Láoyā rén)
Polish Lowia Lowiski Lowak Lowka
Oceana Lovia Lovish Lovishman Lovishshen
Ripuarian Lobia
Romanian Lovia[8][9] Lovian Lovian Loviancă
Russian Ловия (Loviya) Ловийский (Loviyskiy) Ловиец (Loviyets) Ловийка (Loviyka)
Scottish Gaelic Lovia
Spanish Lovia Loviano Loviano Loviana
Swedish Lovia Loviansk Lovian Lovian
Turkish Lovya Lovyaca Lovyız Lovyız
Welsh Lwfia Lwfiad Lwfiad Lwfies

References and notes Edit

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