The list of former hamlets in Clymene consists of 14 hamlets, of which 12 were abandoned or unlisted as hamlet before 1900. Most of these hamlets were boomtowns around mines and small congregations of farms.

Name Close to Peak population Year of abandonment/removal
Amsterdam Feltmolen 23 1899
An Gearasdan New Aberdeen 112 1898
Dun Deagh New Aberdeen 147 1904
Dun Edin Cornwall, Abington[1] 49 1899
It Groete Dorp Feltmolen 50 1899
Kattemyn Village Glesga 23 1889
Koolrigchel Myn Village Glesga 38 1887
Kwangchow Village Nóngyè 45 1885
Nieuw Rotterdam Rosendorp 148 1899
Swartemyn Glesga 57 1896
Tientsin Village Nóngyè 105 1886
Tyne Village Cornwall 312 1951
West Feltmolen Feltmolen 20 1887
West Swartemyn Glesga 19 1886

References and notes Edit

  1. Between the two hamlets, still populated, but not a hamlet.

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