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This is the full list of Governors of Sylvania, the first Governor Bruce Kennedy being elected in 1905. The incumbent Governor is Lukas Hoffmann (CNP).

The most recent elections were won by candidates from varying parties in all states. Lukas Hoffmann won the state from Villanova with a small margin of victory however maintained a lead throughout the race except when he was briefly overtaken at one point due to east Sylvanian voters casting their votes, Hoffmann was endorsed by William Krosby and Christopher Costello who supported his campaign in the state and was allied with the Green Party during the elections. Marcus Villanova of the Labour Party is Hoffmann's Deputy Governor.

In history, many Sylvania Governors have been Mayors of the state capital, Noble City, or of Train Village. Since the 2010 State Reform, however, there are no more mayors in Lovia.

Another remarkable fact is that many of the Sylvania Governors were related to each other, or to other important officials. One of the best examples is the Pennington family: father James W. Pennington was Governor, his eldest son Robert became Governor about two decades later and James' daughter married a Lovian prince and became Queen of Lovia.

It is also notable that many of the Governors had many terms, often consecutive but often also not. Examples are Robert Pennington and Edward M. Roscoe.

Competencies and powers Edit

According to the Constitution, it is the Governor's task to govern the state as far as "local government that does not interfere with federal law and government" is concerned. He or she is entitled to maintain urban parks, public places, streets, markets, roads, waterways and naturally, environmentally or culturally significant places. One of the Governor's powers is the construction and planning of neighborhoods and hamlets. It is also his task to inform the state population about the various aspects of government. The Governor takes up the role of an adviser in Congressial debates concerning his or her state.

List Edit

Begin term End term Governor Political affiliation Elections Origin Life time Comments
1905 1909 Bruce Kennedy Conservative 1905 SE
1907 SE
American-Lovian 1855-1943 Served from 1900 to 1905 as Mayor of Noble City
Two consecutive terms
1909 1911 Albert "Al" Cheney Conservative 1909 SE American-Lovian 1863-1940
1911 1921 James W. Pennington Liberal 1911 SE
1913 SE
1915 SE
1917 SE
1919 SE
Lovian 1892-1960 Five consecutive terms; father of Queen Elisabeth and Robert Pennington
1921 1923 Alfred Donaldson Conservative 1921 SE American-Lovian 1862-1951 Christopher V. Donaldson's brother; Mayor of Noble City at the same time
1923 1927 Felix McCrooke Socialist 1923 SE
1925 SE
Lovian 1881-1955 Two consecutive terms; Mayor of Train Village from 1900 to 1924
1927 1935 Andrew King Socialist 1927 SE
1929 SE
1931 SE
1933 SE
Lovian 1880-1945 Four consecutive terms
1935 1937 Princess Lucy Independent 1935 SE Lovian 1904-1953 First female Governor; Mayor of Noble City from 1936 to 1938
1937 1953 Robert Pennington Liberal 1937 SE
1939 SE
1941 SE
1943 SE
1945 SE
1947 SE
1949 SE
1951 SE
Lovian 1915-1988 Longest governing Governor ever, having eight consecutive terms; the son of James W. Pennington and the elder brother of Queen Elisabeth
1953 1956 Robbert Joe Socialist 1953 SE Lovian 1912-1985 Former Mayor of Train Village
1956 1958 Robert Pennington Liberal 1956 SE Lovian 1915-1988 Ninth term; didn't run for a tenth term as a result of a bad health
1958 1962 Edward M. Roscoe Liberal 1958 SE
1960 SE
Canadian-Lovian 1921-1991 Two consecutive terms
1962 1968 Thelma Parr Sennett Socialist 1962 SE
1964 SE
1966 SE
Lovian 1913-2007 Second female Governor; served three consecutive terms
1968 1970 Edward M. Roscoe Liberal 1968 SE Canadian-Lovian 1921-1991 Third non-consecutive term
1970 1974 King Arthur III Independent 1970 SE
1972 SE
Lovian 1913-2007 Two consecutive terms; the king was Mayor of Noble City from 1956 to 1980, and would become Mayor from 1986 to 2007 once more
1974 1978 Donald O'Neill Socialist 1974 SE
1976 SE
Lovian 1944 Two consecutive terms
1978 1986 Rita D. Frances Liberal 1978 SE
1980 SE
1982 SE
1984 SE
Lovian 1939-2006 Four consecutive terms
1986 1989 James Garfield Socialist 1986 SE
1988 SE
Lovian 1950-1989 Two consecutive terms; murdered during his second term and was replaced by his Secretary for almost a year
1989 1990 Jim Mothersbaugh Socialist not elected American 1962 Replaced James Garfield after he was murdered; he was never elected
1990 1998 Rick Frances Liberal 1990 SE
1992 SE
1994 SE
1996 SE
Lovian 1938 Four consecutive terms; first Prime Minister from February 2003 to January 2007; brother of Rita D. Frances
1998 2000 George Sawyer Socialist 1998 SE Lovian 1965
2000 2002 Patrick Auerbach Socialist 2000 SE German-Lovian 1945
2002 2008 Alfred J.Q. Robinson Freedom First 2002 SE
2004 SE
2006 SE
Lovian 1968 Three consecutive terms
2008 2010 King Dimitri I Independent 2008 SE Lovian 1991 Noble City Mayor since 2007
2010 2011 Martha Van Ghent Walden 2010 SE Libertan-Lovian 1992 Elected in the first state elections since the state reform; she was also a Congresswoman and was Secretary of Welfare and the Chairwoman of the National Park Service
2011 2012 Marcus Villanova Labour Party 2011 SE Lovian 1993 MOTC; previously Governor of Clymene
2012 2015 Lukas Hoffmann Conservative Nationalist Party 2012 SE
2013 SE
2014 SE
Lovian 1975 Member of the Congress and Minister of Defence; Prime Minister


Timeline of governors - click to expand

Lukas HoffmannMarcus VillanovaMartha Van GhentKing Dimitri IAlfred J.Q. RobinsonPatrick AuerbachGeorge SawyerRick FrancesJim MothersbaughJames GarfieldRita D. FrancesDonald O'NeillKing Arthur III of LoviaEdward M. RoscoeThelma Parr SennettEdward M. RoscoeRobert PenningtonRobbert JoeRobert PenningtonQueen Lucy I of LoviaAndrew KingFelix McCrookeAlfred DonaldsonJames W. PenningtonAl CheneyBruce Kennedy

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