Moreland was the longest-serving governor

This is the full list of Governors of Clymene, starting from 1905. In history, many Clymene Governors have been Mayors of the state capital, Sofasi. It is also notable that some of the Governors had many terms, often consecutive but often also not, famously James Moreland. The governor works and officialy resides in Lucy House

List Edit

Term Governor Party Origin Life Comments
1905-1907 Geoffrey Rider American 1865-1944 Served from 1905 to 1909 as Mayor of Sofasi
1907-1911 Lucas O'Brian British 1873-1941 Two consecutive terms
1911-1919 Geoffrey Rider American 1865-1944 Four consecutive terms
1919-1923 Jacques Dubois French 1862-1953 Two consecutive terms
1923-1927 James Moreland American 1891-1976 First terms
1927-1931 Albert Arthur Ramsley Lovian 1903-1966
1931-1937 Alexander Caldwell Scottish 1862-1937 Died of old age
1937-1940 Charles Holland Brunanter 1893-1940 Died in a car accident
1940-1951 James Moreland American 1891-1976 Served five terms
1951-1953 John Harding Lovian 1921-2000
1953-1957 Theodore Woodley Lovian 1910-1965 Served two terms
1957-1964 James Moreland American 1891-1976 Resigned due to protests
1964-1967 Charles Call Lovian 1922-1978
1967-1973 Silvia Birkeland CS Norwegian-Lovian 1933-2008 Served 3 terms
1973-1977 David Brunswick Lovian 1928-1996
1977-1981 Silvia Birkeland CS Norwegian-Lovian 1933-2008
1981-1989 Stanley Fox MLP Lovian 1937 Served 4 terms
1989-1993 John Brown CC Lovian 1932-
1993-1999 Emma Lowell Lovian 1957
1999-2001 Oliver Cook Lovian 1949-
2001-2004 John Brown Jr. Lovian 1956
2004-2006 Alexandra Karmann Lovian 1975 Sofasi Mayor from 2001-2004
2006-2008 Keith Moore Lovian 1972 Served from 1996 to 2000 as Mayor of Sofasi
2008-2010 Robin Ferguson Lovian 1994 Sofasi Mayor since 2007
2010-11 Marcus Villanova

F. Szóhad (Dep.)

Lovian 1993 Former Chairman of Adoha and MOTC
2011-2013 Justin Abrahams

G. Underhill (Dep.)

Lovian 1992 Serving two terms
2013-14 Marcus Villanova Lovian 1993 Second term
2015 Justin Abrahams

C. Jones (Dep.)

Lovian 1992 Third term
2015- Jake Mezatir

No dep.

Lovian 1993 First term

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