Lewis family old photo

Old photo from 1873. From left to right, top row: Catheryn Richards, Charles Lewis, Francis Lewis Jr. and Martha Lewis. In the center Thomas Lewis Sr. and from left to right, bottom row: Francis Lewis Sr., Martha Cotton and Thomas James.

The Lewis Family is a well-known British-Lovian family. The family was to live in Lovia since 1935. The founders of the Lewis Family in Lovia where Francis Lewis Sr. and Martha Cotton. The most famous members are Jhon Lewis and Hans Yard.

Practically everyone in the family is an roman catholic.

The Lewis Family is trust with:

Family treeEdit

  • Francis Lewis Sr. (1820-1904) x Martha Cotton (1827-1894)
    • Francis Lewis Jr. (1843-1947)
    • Charles Lewis (1845-1918) x Catheryn Richards (1846-1931)
    • Martha Lewis (1846-1924) x Thomas James (1845-1934)
      • Thomas Lewis Sr. (1881-1969) x Helene Thompson (1880-1943)

Family recordsEdit

The oldest family member is Francis Lewis Jr. who lives from 1843 until 1947. He was 104 years old. The newest member is Rebecca Huys. She was born in 2012. The greatest family were the four children of Thomas Lewis Sr. and Helen Thompson. They have four kids: Helene, Margareth, Adam and Thomas Jr.

Lewis Family coat of armsEdit

The designers of all the coat of arms of the Lewis Family were British or Canadian coat of arms makers. The following coat of arms are virtual. The real coat of arms are not virtual.

The currently coat of arms is using since 1951. After every world war, there was a new coat of arms.

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