Levi Straszev

Levi Straszev in 2015.

Levi Straszev (born 9th May 1983, Novosevensk) is a Lovian politician and business owner, who is a (founding) member of the Green Party, with the role of deputy leader. He is also the director of Free Society (which is controlled by the GP).

He was born in Novosevensk to Russian parents, who had immigrated to Lovia two years before he was born. He currently lives in City Apartments, Bayside, Noble City, above the headquarters of Free Society.

He is one of the most major members of the GP, and was one of its two 2012 MOTCs (the other being Nicholas Sheraldin, then the leader). Before he met Sheraldin and the GP was founded, he ran for Congress as an independent. He is a close friend of Nicholas and the rest of the Sheraldin family (including Martin H. Sheraldin, who is also a (founding) GP member). He met Nicholas while studying at the Blackburn University, Noble City.

In 2013, he gained the post of Minister of Tourism and Sport as part of the Ilava II Government. In 2014, he switched to being Speaker of the Congress as part of the Abrahams I Government, and he retained this post with the Hoffmann I Government. In 2015, he returned to the post of Minister of Tourism and Sport with the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government, and he retained this post with the Ilava III Government.

Straszev remained as deputy leader of the Green Party when, in February 2017, Nicholas Sheraldin stepped down as leader and was replaced by Surad Chand.

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