Les Larmes

Les larmes

Album by Abbie Cole

Type studio album
Released 2001
Recorded February 2001
Genre pop, country
Producer Label Records

Les Larmes is a 2001 pop and country album by the Australian singer Abbie Cole that was released by Label Records. It is a French language album with some English songs. It is the first album of Cole and was successful in France, Wallonia (Belgium), and Lovia. The most famous single of the album is "Ce n'est pas ce que je souhaite". In English, the name of the album is sometimes translated as Tears.

Track listEdit

  1. "Mon violon"
  2. "L'herbe est verte"
  3. "L'australie"
  4. "Say what your name is, I say mine"
  5. "Ce n'est pas ce que je souhaite"
  6. "Come here"
  7. "The snow falls"
  8. "Quand l'automne est terminée"
  9. "Avec moi"
  10. "Why?"