Leonard Sheraldin (born 16th November 1984, Noble City) is a Lovian musician, activist and journalist. He is an associate member of the Green Party, being the brother of its founder, Nicholas Sheraldin.

His siblings are Martin H. Sheraldin, Nicholas Sheraldin, Damon Sheraldin and Vanessa Sheraldin.

He is perhaps best known as a member of the band Hyperbola, being its keyboardist and lead vocalist. However, he has collaborated with a range of other Lovian artists, from Naselni Jazzeek to The Youngsters, sometimes as a sort of producer. In 2009, before Hyperbola had made any releases, Leonard released a solo "demo" album (several tracks of which were later used for Hyperbola's eponymous debut album), called Two Tree Hill.

He works at both the press company Freedom Press and for the website/online service Lovia Music Center, and he is the director of GoldenDisc. He has also worked with Free Society, and the Blackburn University, Noble City.



With HyperbolaEdit

See Hyperbola#Discography

As guest with other bandsEdit

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