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Good sir John's uniform

Good sir John's uniform, on display at the Lashawn Farm-museum

The Lashawn Farm of Sofasi is located on Asian Island, on the middle of the island. The farm has great historical value and now is a tourist attraction.

History Edit

Lashawn Farm

The Lashawn Farm in 1940 with the horse of Good sir John

It was build in 1873, the first farm to have been build in Lovia just after the first pioneers had reached Lovian soil. It was home to Sir John Lashawn and his his beloved wife Betty. As the years went by, both the farm and the Lashawn family grew, and many of the famous 'Founding Fathers' of Lovia would visit the farm. Regular meetings were held there, and King Arthur I of Lovia would often visit the Lashawns and have conversations with them. He would have long conversation with John, and the queen and Betty Davis apparantly became friends also, as written evidence and letters suggests. The King and John would discuss matters of politics, and many of the founding fathers would visit the farm on a regular basis; the moral values of the modern Lovians where greatly influenced by these meetings. Some historians, such as George Bradly-Lashawn say 'Modern Lovia as we know it was born on the farm of Sir John and his beloved Betty'. Sir John was an advocate of a Lovian army despite the fact Arthur never wanted Lovia to have one. Later on, John would join the police force of Sofasi, according to Betty 'so that he could still wear his uniform'. The uniform can still be seen in the farm.

When Betty died in 1936, sir John asked a grandson and his wife (already in their fifties) to move in with him so that he would not be so lonely. When good sir John died in 1941, grandson Jim Petrovich and his wife Maria Petrovich would live on the farm until 1963 when they moved to a retirement home for the elderly. As the Petrovich couple remained childless, they gave up the farm despite the objections of other Lashawn heirs. It was handed over to the state of Lovia and made into a museum on the old days of the pioneers. It is now a well known tourist attraction, with Lovians dressed up as pioneers and settlers walking around the farm. In weekends, an actor dressed up as John Lashawn walks around the estate, and sometimes he is accompanied by an actor dressed like Athur I of Betty: visiters can have their pictures taken at the farm.

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