Lars Washington Identity
Lars Washington
Name Lars Washington
Full name Lars Washington
Sex Male Male
Home 2 Great Lovian Avenue, Adoha,
Sofasi, Clymene
Languages English, Dutch
Member of the Congress
Term Feb. 2008 - Jan. 2009
Feb. 2010 - Jan. 2011

Lars Washington is a famous Lovian politician, anthropologist, writer, and philosopher. He was a Member of the Congress and a Secretary of Foreign Affairs. In June 2008, he was elected Governor of Seven in the 2008 State elections.

Bibliography Edit

Political Career Edit

In 2010, Lars Washington was elected Member of the Congress. He was also appointed Federal Secretary to the Department of Foreign Affairs. He continued to be active in subsequent Congresses, holding a place in most Congresses until the end of the 2013 Congress, when he retired from politics.

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