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March 2013: Issue 1: Oh, how great it is! Edit

We know liberalism is a great marker for a society, it promotes democracy, fair elections, freedom and great strength in those not in the top 1% most of these values shared in both sides. But lately we've seen the leftist traitors LibDems in some big trouble. First allegations over a sex scandal coverup saw the party in confusion as different stories came out over who knew what and what was known.Then a top party barrister left the party after it supported a sort of anti-liberal idea of secret courts. The party, seen as new and progressive and quickly fell into the political machine of betraying core values and since it never was in government and unknowing of how to actually run a party it can handle, the dipping poll numbers, the party scandals and other melodramas that affected the Labour party last when it was in government. So, I personally am glad to see the Party in decline. Supports, in drove have joined Labour and Conservatives since they also betrayed their values with even more unpopular ones seen a rise in the closet racists, strong eurosceptics UKIP. Stay strong Labour members remember, take back your party with trade unions and stong views and get Labour back into government - Marcus Villanova

June 2012: Issue 2: Wayne Swan opinion piece: "The Opposition is against Australia" Edit

In the budget me and the Prime Minsiter Huila Gillard purposed we called for an increase in public spending with an increase in a Mining Tax. Corporations have gotten richer so people should be able to spead the wealth around. We hope that the opposition liberals, whose only goal is to smear the party beacuse because of a recent member's scandal. The budget gives a surplus to the citizens and continues our nations golden economy. - Wayne Swan

January 2012: Issue 1: Introduction by Lovian Prime Minister Marcus Villanova and Canadian Leader of the Opposition Nycole Turmel Edit


Labour International logo

Hello, this is Labour Now! A Newspaper I own with my family and fellow progressives to promote the worker of the World. This first issuse will outline what we stand for which plain and simple, is to promote a social world, a better world. We currently sell in alot of major cities like Chicago, New York City, Toranto, London etc. and can be suscribed by online or my mail. That's all for me now my friend Nycole will tell you about the Labour Congress and its goal. - Marcus Villanova

Labour Congress

Labour Congress room

Thanks. First the Labour Congress will decide major issues and be a forum about socialism and labour issues. We also will vote to promote campaigns and candidates. People can contribute and so can the parties themselves so we can promote the global social society. The newspaper will also do that and report usually in the second issue, since we meet in the middle of the month for a day or two in person or by the internet. Also one final thing is you can vist the Labour Congress building we are currently in, which is in London, England. If you want just go online and get a ticket to the next meeting so we can see our supporters there. Thanks. - Nycole Turmel
Labour International poster
Bedroom tax

This newspaper is owned by Villanova Inc. and hosted and partially owned by Labour International. Founded in 2012, we promote Labour and Progressive parties worldwide. We follow politics and the congress of Labour International. We currently sell in 14 countires, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Isreal, Lovia, United States, Brazil, and South Africa. We sell these newspapers in four languages, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.

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