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Shameless Candidates?
Members from CCPL and Walden are Going Beyond what is Reasonable.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 19, 2010 - What we have today isn't politics; it's just a battle of insults. Ygo August Donia and Martha Van Ghent have gone beyond what we can call good politics.
In the heat of the elections, Ygo August Donia has proven to be a shame to his party, going to extreme lengths for votes in his fight for the position of Prime Minister. When talking to Egor Batzloff, he even went as far as to bring religious threats as an argument to vote for him.
We want to win, if they win you may no longer believe in God.
In another instance, Magnus made another bizarre and downright false comment to convince Batzloff to vote for him, telling him that he could only vote for CCPL.
He is not in your party [CCPL]. So it [the template] turns red [dysfunctional].
Following this series of controversial suggests to Batzloff, and criticism from King Dimitri I of Lovia himself, Donia would apologize to Batzloff, saying,
My sincere apologies if I were a little bit too pushy, Batzloff.
Still in the heat of the elections, Martha Van Ghent, following her criticized attack against the CCPL, followed through, accusing the party of having the Most said, least done.
A poster would come with this propaganda, and a large debate would subsequently follow. Many members of the nation, even those not generally known to be involved in politics, have risen to give their opinion. Here are a few comments made on the anti-CCPL campaign. Oos Wes Ilava would defend his party and counter-accuse Walden of being repetitive.
Vote Walden, for they are as repetitive as a mouse who is caught and tied up to a pole and tries to free itself. Bring up new arguments, please...
Cristian Latin would also suggest that the CCPL did not get much done because of overwhelming opposition.
It is indeed very easy to find much support in Congress for proposals, being the sole Conservative (Ilava until November). Maybe you're wasting our time with your boring posters, Marfo
Martha Van Ghent would argue that the Conservatives were never unreasonably voted against, but that they were simply not doing anything. Unexpectedly, Justin Abrahams, probably only emerging after his vote from Batzloff, spoke out against CCPL.
What Lovia really needs is a party that can achieve something, not one that makes promises and even breaks its own core values. You argue about creating and protecting parks, but here you are attacking tree-huggers and showing images of burning trees.
Ygo August Donia would remind Abrahams that the poster was a joke. Marcus Villanova would also get involved, defending the CCPL.
I don't think Walden and CPL.nm want a chart on how many edits they do in the first chamber, between what like 10 members how all do 100 edits at least, one CCPL member alone does that to further the disscussion.
Following this incident, Andy McCandless had to resign from his office as governor of Oceana after being hit by a truck. Ilava took this is a reason to settle down.
I believe this is the right occasion to bury the hatchet, 'cause we've been verbally fighting a lot the last days and it's time that we start thinking about what we want to achieve as a nation and not as individual parties.
The elections are getting more and more exiting these days, but it seems that a few members of the nation cannot handle this. Though Donia has apologized for his actions, Van Ghent has not, and until, and probably even afterwords, conflict will linger in the air.

Get Ready, Lovia.
The CCPL is Expected to Dominate Congress in 2011.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 15, 2011 - The Donia family has underwent the biggest political bounce in our nation's history; going from the bottom of the charts to the very top. Even the progressive forces of Lovia are beginning to prepare for something unheard of last year: Donia as Prime Minister.
Surprisingly, no one really knows who will become Prime Minister, and it seems as if nobody wants to. At the beginning of the elections, Percival E. Galahad was the only candidate who announced plans to become PM, but currently has 9 votes and is no position to earn the 15 votes necessary.
If the elections were to end today, Donia would become PM, who has 4 major votes to top incumbent Yuri Medvedev's 3 in their tie at 14 votes. However, neither of them are willing to become Prime Minister.
The CCPL has had a long time in position where a Prime Minister from their party was in sight, but always refused to attempt to reach this position, insisting to keep all candidates. Their far-from-risky approach has more than paid off, and their entire party is far in the lead. CCPLers Cristian Latin, Edward Hannis, Oos Wes Ilava, and Ygo August Donia each have 13, 12, 11, and 14 votes, respectively. The CCPL has a truly monster lead in these elections.
Even though Donia has been met with much support from voters, many progressives, as well as himself, believe him not to be a good candidate for the role of Prime Minister. King Dimitri I of Lovia wrote in the newspaper The Noble City Times,
Their [CCPL's] key to success? Protesting against the established progressives and not proposing an alternative ... Lessons in how to get great power without great responsibility?
Satire or not, the comment did come directly from the king (it is important to note that the king would give compliments to Donia elsewhere, however). Donia himself said he did not want to become Prime Minister, saying,
I do not even wish to win, in all honesty. My only concern is getting my comrades into congress. If it's up to me we'll just move some votes and let Yuri have the grand prize - I believe him to be more capable of leading or nation. I cannot unite right and left, christian and atheist.
The other candidate to the position, Yuri Medvedev, has not expressed much interest in becoming Prime Minister, suggesting a conservative Prime Minister.
If a conservative christian party is in the lead then why should a progressive atheist become PM?
So far, no one has stepped up to the plate, but the CCPL could potentially gain a PM candidate simply by rearranging votes, putting Ilava, Hannis, and Latin in the foreground for possible positions as Prime Minister.
In other news, Marcus Villanova and his newly-created PCP is doing very well in the elections, collecting 10 votes already, with support from Cristian Latin accounting for Walden's decision to remove votes from their former member. So far, 3-member Walden cannot get leader Andy McCandless past the red line.
Walden's electoral crisis has put Martha Van Ghent, chairwoman of the party, at disease. In an appeal to McCandless, she called for help in party reform.
We need to rethink some things. You as our chief ideologist and clearly the smartest Waldener help me out.
Though recently (politically) inactive, Walden could possibly pull out of their dry spell if their members would contribute more often, but these members have recently consistently fallen into on-again off-again editing patterns, and in turn cannot sustain itself very effectively.
The elections are beginning to conclude, and soon enough everything will have to conclude. CCPL seems in very strong shape, and will very likely earn the position of PM. CPL.nm and Walden will probably work hard next year to fix its issues after a disappointing election. One thing's for certain: nothing's for certain.

Walden Suffers as Villanova Forms New Party.
MOTC Villanova starts up a new party in the heat of the Elections.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 14, 2011 - Marcus Villanova has always been a rather unstable character, but among all his traits, there's always been one thing for sure: his love of Walden. Until now, that is. Marcus Villanova's new party is called the Progressive Christian Party, the second party to suggest a religious background, following the CCPL. What does this mean for Lovia? A lot, actually.
Villanova's decision to create his new party seems unclear at the moment, with the true goal of his new PCP still unwritten, but claims to be "center-left" and follows "Christian Progressivism." In his departing address to Walden, Villanova bid farewell to his party, citing that he did not want to stay in the same place for too long, but thanked his party members for the good times with them.
I've had great times with Walden, i've since read the book Walden and everything. I really love the people in the party but I wanna move on. I guess I just can't stay in one place for too long. I'm gonna make a new party for Christian Progressivism. I still will vote Center-Left but I want to do so freely. I love you guys and will never forget the great times I had here. I still will support you and CPL.nm! You can keep the videos and stuff, because I still want you guys to do the best. I love you guys! Sorry to Martha, Andy, and Justin. I'll see you in the first chamber and hopefully second and support you all.
Villanova would later suggest possible religious motives to create the party, though this has yet to be confirmed.
Cristian Latin would respond to Villanova's decision with enthusiasm, saying he was surprised and sure that Walden would regret his departure, as well as finally suggesting possible cooperation.
I am quite astonished dude! I think that they will experience your departure as a great loss for the party, and clearly, you have done many things for them! I wish you best luck, maybe a future cooperation with CCPL would sound tremendous!
Indeed, the creation of PCP brings hope for a large-scale cooperation between the political giants of the nation: progressive CPL.nm and the conservative CCPL. With the creation of a party just about in the middle of these two parties, we could expect that the party could bring change. CPL.nm's political similarity with the PCP, as well CCPL's religious influences shared with Villanova's party could make it an ideal source of compromise.
This is not to say there are no dangers for the party: earlier attempts to create such a party have not been met with much enthusiasm; Bart Koenen's MCP is such an example (the MCP would withdraw from these elections after gaining absolutely no votes). Another danger is that Villanova's voters, namely Andy McCandless, Bart Koenen, and Percival E. Galahad, could have likely voted for Villanova purely on a party-membership basis, and could retract their votes from the new party, likely toppling him over the red line.
Another severe consequence for Walden is the sheer drop in popularity for the party. Over these past months, Walden has gone from 6 members to 3, among the largest party-falls ever. Following Pierlot McCrooke's departure to CPL.nm and eventual disappearance, and Edward Hannis' controversial flee to CCPL, Villanova has marked the third bailout from the party. What is especially important about this is the effects it will have on political activity; Villanova had been the last remaining politically-active member of Walden, with leaders Andy McCandless and Martha Van Ghent hardly around, and Justin Abrahams largely politically indifferent, Walden may become silent.
If Walden were to go silent, this would undoubtedly lead to political collapse for the party, as predicted by LQ a few weeks ago.
Another surprise is a short-lived spike in Ygo August Donia's popularity, making him a temporary Prime Minister candidate, but quickly moved the votes around to make for their long-standing goal: 4 candidates in Congress.
As suggested by TNCT, very few want the position of Prime Minster, Yuri Medvedev, the incumbent PM, did not actively show much interest in being PM. Only Galahad of the struggling LAP has declared himself PM candidate, but the small size of the party is one of the main reasons for this to not occur. When asked if Donia wanted to become PM, he said,
If I am to become the PM of this beautiful nation - the first conservative, Christian PM in our nation's history - I'd be a proud man. But I have no ambitions in that directions and I need to discuss with my party on the next step. Either we could produce a PM (and sacrifice two valuable members) or we could ... get all four of our men in congress. This is a decision I cannot make by myself ... [but] In my personal point of view it would be a wiser decision to get all our CCPL'ers in congress then it would be to produce a PM - we may be able to achieve more with as many of our people in congress then we would with just two members in congress, one of whom as a PM. I must not forget my Christian brothers. To me the importance of loyalty to the party goes beyond personal success.
There's a lot going on right now in these elections; parties rising and falling, public opinion changing, candidates jumping about. The usual cliche is in effect; there's nothing for certain here, and everything is subject to change.

In 2011, Disaster Awaits For Many.
Candidates now need Seven votes, and that's just the Start of their Problems.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 11, 2011 - The dreaded 7 Vote Effect has taken place. With unexpected votes, utter failures, and controversial decisions, 2011 Congress will be hard to enter. Though when last reported, it was expected that a seventh vote would not be necessary for elections, things have changed; there are only 2 candidates who do not have 6 votes, and this figure could grow smaller.
There's only Sawyer Hillbilly and Bart Koenen left without six votes, two less than what necessary to keep the red line below 6 votes. What does this mean for candidates? For many, it'll be a scramble for votes. Taken that 6 votes is the break-even point, now broken.
Another element adding oil to the fire is the bizarre decision by Yuri Medvedev to support a fellow member of CPL.nm, Pierlot McCrooke, even though he has been banned for a case sockpuppetry greater than any ever. The current PM has voted for the greatest criminal of the nation, and right now he's in Congress.
Currently, there are a total of 5 candidates that have six votes, who, at the current moment, will not make it through the elections. Cristian Latin, Edward Hannis, Pierlot McCrooke, Arthur Jefferson, and Justin Abrahams are all in the hunt. If they earn another vote, they can make it through, but with the lack of remaining voters, this could be difficult to achieve.
What has surprised many others is what the king has been doing in the meantime. Though many members of the nation have previously expressed lack of support for a monarchy, the king has remained power, arguably due to his general neutrality. However, this has changed. Recent declarations made by the king are clearly not neutral, and nonetheless the king maintains that he has the right to do so. In The Noble City Times, the king declared,
The Firearms Act is a masterpiece of legal writing. Galahad claims it is loopholeproof, and we gladly believe it is ... Ygo August Donia, best-known as the pompous heir to the equally pompous Donia estate and family, erected his (quote) private army just hours before the bill was drafted ... As a result, and due to Donia's obvious move, group hunting would not be allowed under the bill ... The people of Clave Rock will be thrilled with the "AK-47-bearing Arnold Scharzenegger-like bimbos" on the verge of their forests ... Perhaps that's because he is fed up with the election propaganda at his door, all from Donia.
These unbalanced comments were met with much controversy, as many argued over Noble's right to power, and if he could make such comments. He defended himself, saying,
Just for the record: there is no legal clause that says the king should be neutral. It's my own choice not to be partisan. I could never be "neutral". Being neutral and being in Congress would be stupidest combination ever.
However, others have argued against him, claiming that his very role as king should be challenged. As Hannis remarked,
You are explicitly saying that you have a position, that you must make decisions, yet at the same time you represent the people. Unless you're going to bring up sun-king "l'etat c'est moi" nonsense, you can very well agree that such an argument is not sound. A leader of the people who is really to take decisions, and at the same time represent the people, cannot be put in such a position unless put there by those who are represented.
Further criticisms continued on through the days. Ygo August Donia, the target of Dimi's comments, described his newspaper simply.
TNCT ... is not at all neutral
The subsequent events to this ongoing story is not clear, but it could be expected that anti-monarchy sentiments may once again rise, this time possibly from more respectable members of the nation.

The Toughest Elections Yet?
Inactivity and High Standards Make Federal Elections Difficult.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 2, 2011 - Candidates this year are in for serious challenges to be elected. Though there's still an entire month left to vote, most people who are likely ever going to vote, have already done so, and the outlook is bad for most.
For the minimum requirement of 6 to be raised to 7 (the "7th Vote" Effect), 12 people must be elected. To avoid the 7th Vote Effect, there must be at least 4 people who do make the six necessary points to be elected. It would appear that this could very likely happen.
The current candidates not expected to be elected are:
Pierlot McCrooke - His instability and lack of popularity has made him an unfavorable candidate in 2011. Not one person has yet voted for him.
Bart Koenen - Inactivity has made Koenen almost forgotten, and his being in his own party with no one else did not help this. As with McCrooke, no one has yet voted for him.
Justin Abrahams - With Walden in high difficulty in terms of getting votes, inactive members of Walden, namely Abrahams, will probably be left behind.
Sawyer Hillbilly - Caught in a situation similar to Abrahams, the small LAP is struggling in these elections. With only his running-mate Percival E. Galahad to help him, it is likely that he will have little other support, especially with no other members of his party with votes to spare.
It is very possible for some of these candidates, just as a few likely to be elected may not, but it would appear that the 7 Vote Effect will probably not kick into action.
The current situation with parties has quickly changed from what it was before ballots opened. Contrary to expectations, the CCPL was never sent into the background of the political picture, instead asserting itself as a great power in these elections. If the elections concluded today, there would be five elected candidates: 4 CCPL and Yuri Medvedev.
High activity in the CCPL has quickly sent into a powerful position in the elections, and support from the returning Semyon Breyev has made the party the most successful one as of yet, and placed it in a position to earn a Prime Minister, possibly defeating Medvedev. Oos Wes Ilava, its likely PM candidate, currently has 10 points against Medvedev's 9.
What is especially surprising in these elections is how most parties are doing remarkably bad. The CPL.nm having a Medvedev-dominated election, only has 5 points elsewhere. McCrooke will probably not be elected, and the situation for Jon Johnson and Alyssa C. Red is poor; inactivity has made them unfavorable to any non-party voters.
Similarly, Walden is doing very bad. Hopes for McCandless and his possible second attempt at taking the role of PM are crushed; he currently only has three points. No one in Walden has been given the six necessary points, and the most likely best-case scenario would be if Martha Van Ghent and Abrahams were to become active, and that the party would agree to sacrifice one party member for the benefit of everyone else. Walden will probably come out with no more than three MOTC.
The LAP is not doing much better than anyone else. Their member non inscrit (not written-in, not a member per se) Arthur Jefferson is the only one who is doing well, with five out of six points. However, Galahad and Hillbilly only have three votes each. Should Hillbilly come around, a likely scenario would be LAP coming through with two congressmen, leaving behind Hillbilly. However, if the returning Harold Freeman decides to join the LAP after the collapse of the LU, then the party could come out intact.
Make no mistake; these elections are tough. We're only two days in, and it'll take at least a week before things finally settle. The top two things to watch right now are the race between Oos Wes Ilava and Medvedev for PM, and the possibility of the 7 Vote Effect to kick in.

And They're Off!
2011 Is Here, and so are the Elections.

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 1, 2011 - People nationwide are rushing to vote for their favorite candidates in these new elections, and leaders are already taking their positions. The first day of elections isn't even over yet, but we can already see a certain pattern emerging.
As happened with the application for the elections, the CCPL has taken a strong position in these federal elections. Within only a half-day, all candidates put forth their votes. On the contrary, CPL.nm only has one voter who has done his job (Pierlot McCrooke), while LAP has none. The largely inactive Bart Koenen and his MCP has not yet been active either. Walden has two candidates who have voted: Andy McCandless and Marcus Villanova.
The current limit on the maximum size of Congress is at 12, not counting the Member by Right King Dimitri I of Lovia.
There are two elements to keep in mind when finding out who will become MOTC: the Red Line and the by-default minimum. The by-default minimum, as described in the Constitution, is at six. In other words, a candidate must have at least six votes to be elected, regardless of the red line.
The red line is, graphically speaking, between the last elected candidate and the first non-elected candidate. In other words, where there are 12 candidates, the red line is between the 12th and 13th candidate. To be elected, one must be above the red line.
What this would mean is that if 13 or more candidates reach 6 votes (which is the break-even point; each voter is given 6 "points" in terms of vote, in packages of 3, 2, and 1), the minimum to be elected would become 7, in turn causing a much more difficult election to earn the extra point.
LQ predicts that all candidates will make their appearance, but that a few candidates will not make it to the 6-votes mark. Such people could include Pierlot McCrooke and Bart Koenen. Arthur Jefferson could be in trouble due to his non-partisanship, and would in turn have to count on LAP to be elected.
Currently, the CCPL leads strongly, with 5 votes for Cristian Latin, 6 for Edward Hannis, 6 for Oos Wes Ilava, and 7 for Ygo August Donia. Hannis has recommended that Cristian move his vote for Donia to himself, in turn making all candidates have the current 6 minimum.
Of all voters, currently Pierlot McCrooke has proven to be the most surprising. His votes were as follows: 3 for Yuri Medvedev, 2 for Andy McCandless, and 1 for Arthur Jefferson. His lack of rigidity in terms of voting for his own party did not come as a surprise for all, but was nonetheless unexpected.
Today is just the first day, and the first day has not yet finished. We can still expect much to change within the next few weeks.

2010 Draws to an End
As 2011 nears, Lovia Reflects on an Important Year.

NOBLE CITY - DECEMBER 31, 2010 - The year has finally ended. Tomorrow, Lovia, as all of the world, enters 2011, and the Federal Elections, 2011 will begin. But before this maddened craze of politics begins, take a moment to think of what's happened this past year.
LQ will begin reporting on the elections on January 1, but until then, we encourage you to think back and reflect upon the year. We recommend reading this and this to read a detailed summary of the year through the daily headlines.
Thanks for being such diligent readers, and we look forward to another great year.
Written by EH.
Special thanks to AL/CL.
And a thank-you also to less common editors: MVG, HRH DN, AM, AJ, and AMG et al.
CCPL most said least done

Such shameless, dishonest elections. Lovian politics has gone medieval these days.


Votes by candidate as of January 15, 2010. © La Quotidienne, 2011.

Party votes 14 jan

Votes by party as of January 14, 2010. Steep drop in Walden votes are from the formation of the PCP. © La Quotidienne, 2011.

King Dimitri 2010

"Being neutral and being in Congress would be stupidest combination ever."

-Dimitri Noble

Not as dumb as keeping him in Congress.

Harold Freeman

This is the man the Liberal Arts Party counts on.

Pierlot McCrooke

Unsurprisingly, McCrooke has surprised us again.

Flag of Lovia Small

Here's a quote to conclude the year:
Time, time, time, see what's become of me,
While I looked around for my possibilities,
I was so hard to please,
But look around, the leaves are brown,
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.

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