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Are the Federal Elections Keeping up with Expectations or not?
Centrists dominate, but the left and right continue to gain ground. Can this continue?

NOBLE CITY - JANUARY 2, 2012 - Federal elections have started, and the centrist parties have a sizable majority of votes. Parties like Positive Lovia, the Conservative Nationalist Party (CNP) and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) have already gotten several votes from active supporters, but mostly on the first day of elections. Today, they achieved nearly no new votes, with instead conservative politicians like Oos Wes Ilava and leftist politicians like Marcus Villanova attracting most of the votes today. The coalition still would control Congress by a sizable number of seats if elections ended today, though it is significantly down from yesterday. In other news, William Krosby (LDP), who the Coalition is most likely to nominate as Prime Minister, is planning a meeting with other Coalition members to plan out what they aim to do once the 2012 Congress gets in.
I'm holding a meeting with Positive Lovia leader Christopher Costello tomorrow to determine how our government will work. I'm pushing for some fairly significant reform, which I'll reveal later on.
Defense is also a topic that is having a resurgence in discussion. Should there be a type of Armed Forces, or not? Lukas Hoffmann (CNP) is working on a very detailed bill to introduce a "National Guard", a more Lovia-friendly version of an Armed Forces, that has the support of most of the Coalition (PL, LDP, and CNP). Once the 2012 Congress gets in, it's unknown whether it will be able to garner the required 50% support to be enacted into law. Other proposals have been made as well, such as one by Christopher Costello, which is a modified version of his bill that was not able to get enough support in the 2011 Second Congress.
Our predictions for elections are a continued resurgence in leftist and conservative votes, though the Coalition will retain at least 50 seats by the end of election. Other parties (such as the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia, Labour Party, or Communist Party of Lovia (neo-marxist)), should receive enough seats to form a sizable opposition, although every active politician is expected to receive a spot in the government.

As Lovia enters 2012, speculation arises.
Which coalitions seem most probably to make the government, and which don't?

NOBLE CITY - DECEMBER 31, 2011 - As the nominations stage of elections draws to a close, coalition talks begin to rev up. One thing to be sure of is the activity of Lovia. Many new politicians have come to the stage, including Christopher Costello, Bill An, and James Torres. All of those men are part of the Positive Lovia, which is now running four candidates in the elections--two higher than any other party. The party seems to be ready to become the leading party of the government coalition. There is also a good chance that they will capture the greatest title of the nation (perhaps besides the King), Prime Minister for their leader, Costello.
From Positive Lovia: I am not Costello, but I think we'll secure the PM's seat. Trust me.
BILL AN, FROM HIS BLOG "I am a Lovian-Chinese."
Another, equally plausible possibility is that William Krosby, whose party, the Liberal Democratic Party, is in an alliance with Positive Lovia, could become the Prime Minister, with Positive Lovia filling other important secretarial posts. Compared to the LDP, CNP, and PL coalition, other coalitions are very weak, one composing of the now dysfunctional CPL.nm, still writhing from their loss of Yuri Medvedev, and the Labour Party. If the CNP, the LDP, and PL cannot get enough seats in Congress by the end of the election period, will have to recruit some other parties, most likely the Progressive Conservative Party or Moderate Centrist Party, to their coalition.
I'm excited to see the voting stage of elections, and I think that our coalition will be successful, and we'll be able to create a solid government with support from all Lovians.
LQ will keep you updated on politics through February. Happy New Year, Lovia!
Written by TM.
Special thanks to EH and CL.
Flag of Lovia Small

Here's a quote to conclude the year:
Time, time, time, see what's become of me,
While I looked around for my possibilities,
I was so hard to please,
But look around, the leaves are brown,
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.

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