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The Lars Washington Fan Club, abbreviated LWFC, is a Lovian fan club of one of the most famous Lovians, Mr. Lars Washington. The club has been founded by Oos Wes Ilava on June 29, 2008.

Why Lars Washington? Edit

The fan club of Lars Washington agrees that he is one of the best Lovian statesmen, cultural persons, writers, and philosophers. He brings culture, nature and education to all places he goes. He is a very wise man, who is always friendly and who thinks very positively. He is one of the secrets why Lovia is such a strong country and community. The mystical Lars Washington is the number one Lovian!

Calender Edit

This section shows the planning of the LWFC for 2008.

  • December 25 - Celebration of Christmas together with the club members. We'll sing Christmas carols, like " dzhingel bels".
  • December 27 - Eating pie, Ooswesthoesbes plays the national Morussian instrument, the Däör.
  • December 31 - Celebration of old year but we don't make use of fireworks becaue that's dangerous and we don't go too late to bed.

Members Edit

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