The LSCA Rugby Union Championship is the main Lovian competition for rugby union clubs. The competition was organized in 2014, and had its first edition in 2015.


The Lovia national rugby sevens team, and Lovia's main rugby sevens competition, the Van Franken Cup, were organized in 2010 by Marcus Villanova and associates. The rugby sevens teams were quite successful for a nation of Lovia's size; the national team managed good performances in the IRB Small Sevens Cup, the Pacific Sevens Cup and the Pacific Islands Cup. However, with rugby sevens being a relatively minor sport internationally, the rugby sevens team struggled with funding and had mostly fallen inactive by 2014. At one point, a Lovian tournament for rugby league, Rugby Lovia, was organized, but this never took off.

In 2014, in order to further encourage Lovia's rugby players but also avoid the financial problems encountered by the rugby sevens teams, the LSCA decided to develop the internationally more well known sport of rugby union in Lovia, and the LSCA Rugby Union Championship and the Lovia national rugby union team were created.

The first edition of the LSCA Rugby Union Championship was held in 2015. Inspired by the Van Franken Cup (which featured state teams), the first edition featured five franchises, one from each of Lovia's state capitals.


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