Pre-season MatchesEdit

FK Galactic Hurbanova vs Newhaven RocketsEdit

Newhaven Rockets Newhaven Rockets 2 - 3 GalacticlogoFK Galactic Hurbanova
André De Funès coach James Masters
Marino Thierry (GK) compositions Andrej Matič (GK)
Jeff Corleone (DF) '45 Alek Gambrin (DF)
Henry Steinberg (DF) Will Waverly (DF)
Patrick Sessions (DF) Anton Petrović (DF)
Washington Rodriguéz (DF) Football '80 Luis Mondragon (Wi)
Ángel Senna (MF) George Horst (MF)
Nick Altidore (MF) Yellow card '49 Substitution off '63 Zledin Ilava (MF)
Andrew Nobles (MF) Substitution off '45 Leo Fuster (Wi) Football '67
Ludwig Siera (MF) Luiz Antônio Football '34 (FW)
Alexander Clinton (FW) Football '11 Pete Wellington (FW)
Joseph Campbell (FW) Substitution off '75 George Hansen Yellow card '66 Substitution off '71 (FW)
Jean Harper (MF) Substitution in '63 substitutions Janek Maxim Substitution in '71 Football '85
Roberto Rossi (MF) Substitution in '45
Oliver Clinton (FW) Substitution in '75


Hurbanova pulled off a shocking upset at Newhaven. The Rockets started off with an 11 minute goal, which left the stadium roaring in delight. The Yellow Galaxy equalized at the 34th with a well placed header (off a corner) by Brazilian striker Luiz Antônio. They took the lead with a Leo Fuster power-goal at the 67th but at 80 minutes Rodriguez leveled the score for the Rockies. A surprise chip goal at 85 Hurb by substitute Janek Maxim left the stadium stunned as the ref ended the game and they were on the losing side.

Oaks of Kinley vs. Walker CavaliersEdit

Oaks of Kinley Oaks of Kinley 1 - 1 Walker Cavaliers Walker Cavaliers
William Durham coach George Matthews
Thomas McKenna (GK) compositions Luke Oakley (GK)
Joseph Thiel (DF) Substitution off '30 Martin O. Sawyer (DF)
Stijn Wassen (DF) Joshua Nickolson (DF)
Marc Warren (DF) Yellow card '84 George Timbert (DF)
Brian Jameson (MF) John MacBeth (DF) Yellow card 33'
Wencelas Kucharski (MF) André Van den Berghe (MF) Substitution off '75
Leon Jessen (MF) Yellow card '51 Baptiste Niyonzima (MF) Football '12
William Lam (MF) Substitution off '80 Anthony Head (MF)
George Fulton (FW) Robert Chatterjee (FW) Yellow card '49
Peter York (FW) Football '61 Jean-Paul de Villiers (FW)
Keith Otterburn (FW) Red card '77 Stevie Donaldson (FW) Substitution off '65
Sayed Moawed (MF) Substitution in '80 substitutions Charlie McIntosh Substitution in '65 Football '85
John O'Brian (DF) Substitution in '30 Prince Henderson (FW)
- Anthony Penn (AM) Substitution in '75


The Cavaliers were held at a draw at Kinley in a very exciting and controversial match. Lovian star Baptiste Niyonzima opened the scoring at 12 minutes with a powerful strike. He would nearly score again at the 24th but was denied by Mckenna's extended arms. In the 33rd defender John MacBeth was yellow carded after an unnecessary tackle. Early in the second half, Robert Chatterjee was wrongfully denied a goal, the ref (and most of the Oaks) claimed it was offside. He was later carded for arguing with the ref. Leon Jessen received a yellow for tripping in the 51st minute. In the 61st Pete York scored for Kinley and soon the game got very tense. The Cavs made several offensive substitutions beginning at 65 minutes. In the 77th Keith Otterburn received a red for persistent shoving and Marc Warren got a yellow at the 84th for a foul on Niyonzima. The game ended 1-1 and many felt that the Cavs should have won it.

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