LSCA All-Star Game 2014 will include a series of matches against foreign teams playing a selection for the best players in the LSCA Major Soccer League. Three matches will take place, on 9 August, 16 August and 20 August. The LSCA All-Stars will play Brezonde 1920 FC and FC Kings of Brunant and Maritimo CF of Prasia.

All-Stars vs. BrezondeEdit

The match ended 1-1, with goals by Michiel Wijsman for the all-stars and Bert Engel for Brezonde.

GK 1 Flag of Lovia Small Barry Berehovce
RB 33 Flag of Lovia Small Nick Davis
CB 6 Flag of Lovia Small Al Pennington
CB 78 Libertas Bert Pereboom
LB 15 Flag of Lovia Small Peter O'Connell
DM 16 Flag of Lovia Small Harry Žnalic
AM 7 Flag of Argentina Alvaro Perotti
RM 23 Flag of Lovia Small Ivan Matteoni
LM 10 Flag of Lovia Small Charles Vrecka
CF 14 Flag of Lovia Small Adam Michálek
CF 8 Libertas Michiel Wijsman
DF 2 Flag of the Netherlands Stijn Wassen
GK 15 Flag of Lovia Small William Durham
FW 13 Flag of Brunant Gert Van Eisner
MF 5 Flag of Lovia Small Charlie McIntosh
MF 11 Flag of Brunant Kevin Clement
GK 1 800px-Flag of England svg Alan Harding
RB 2 Flag of the Czech Republic Amos Barzyk
CB 3 Flag of Denmark David Linman
CB 4 Flag of Spain Carlos Vela
LB 5 Flag of Brunant Henrique Benes
DM 25 Flag of Lovia Small Baptiste Niyonzima
MF 6 Flag of Brunant Luis Castro
MF 8 Flag of Brunant Gabri Gardines
FW 9 Flag of France Georges Leclair
FW 10 Flag of Brunant Bert Engel
FW 11 Flag of France Charles Bressan
DF 7 v
GK 22 a
MF 15 a
MF 18 a
MF 24 a

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