Seal of the LOL PAC featuring a torch. A torch is a major symbol for Libertarians around the world.

The LOLPAC (or Libertarians of Lovia Political Action Committee) is a former small PAC consisting of right-wing and left-wing libertarians of Lovia. The PAC was founded by Alexey Hovlouchuk of the CCPL. He announced the PAC in a press conference in Noble City. The PAC doesn't take money but holds a yearly meeting lasting three days some time in November. The PAC also takes both Center-left and Center-right members; at the press conference Alexy was quoted saying "I am of the right but we accept all libertarians." The PAC has 500 members nationwide, including former WLP member Marcus Villanova.

Former Members by state Edit

Members that indentify themselves as Center-right Libertarian - 237

Members that indentify themselves as Center-left Libertarian - 263

Famous members Edit

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