Lovian Freethought Academy

LFA founded this charity to raise money for Haitian infrastructural works

Destruction in Haiti 2010

Destruction in Port-au-Prince, January 2010

The LFA Haiti Fund was a temporary Lovian charity project organized by the Lovian Freethought Academy, in the wake of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake. The LFA hoped to raise money for the reconstruction of Haiti. In total Lovians have raised about $1,250,000. The top donators were Christopher Costello, the Lovian Communist Party, August Magnus Donia, Ecompany, and Shadwell Inc. However, all gifts no matter the amount, were highly appreciated. As A.M. Donia put it: "A small nation makes a big change: it is the thought that counts!"[1]

Donations Edit

All donations will be used for the material reconstruction of buildings, water and electricity supply and other sorts of infrastructure.

List of donators Edit

References and notes Edit

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