LBS Bank Lovia
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Name LBS Bank Lovia
Type Pulic company
Product Banking and finance
Origin Flag strasland Strasland
Founded 2003 (in Lovia)
Owner(s) LBS Bank, various
Notable persons Andrea Pine (CEO)
Jens Bergolm (CFO)
Headquarters Andreas Avenue 11, TQ, Noble City
Profit we'll see
Website www.lbs.lo

LBS Bank Lovia is a Lovian Bank forming a part of multinational bank LBS Bank, headquartered in Strasland. It is active in several European countries, including Libertas, Inselöarna and Brunant. LBS was founded in 1999 with the merger of Libertas Bank and Straslands Sparkasse.


LBS credit card

LBS credit card

LBS originated with two European banks. Straslands Sparekasse was a savings bank based in Finskeby, founded in 1862. It was the largest private bank in the country. Libertas Bank was also an important bank in Libertas, but was in financial problems in the 1990s due to bad management. In order to save Libertas Bank, it was decided to merge with Straslands Sparkasse. The main offices and management were transferred to Finskeby.

LBS Bank first opened in Lovia in 2003 and was the first of LBS Bank's independent subsidiaries. LBS Bank is owned in part by LBS Bank (60%) with 40% of shares publicly traded in the Noble City Stock Exchange. LBS Bank Lovia is one of the smaller banks in the country, though having a steady and solid reputation from the parent company's stability in the past years. LBS Lovia is headquartered in Noble City's Trading Quarter and has four branches in Lovia.

LBS Lovia established itself well in Lovia despite competition from other banks, building a reputation on it's "rock-solid Nordic banking". It went through the 2008-09 recession generating sufficient profit and assisting to lift the Lovian economy as other major banks faced serious issues.

In 2013 an L$50 million takeover deal was announced for First National Bank. following years of economic losses. FNB was then integrated into LBS Bank and their banks re-branded to LBS Lovia.


The bank offers financial products and services for corporate/institutional clients along with private and business clients. Other services include corporate finance, wealth management, retail banking, fund management, and transaction banking.

LBS Investments is the bank's entity involved in both personal and corporate investing, in both the domestic and foreign stock markets.


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