PPAC, short for Progressive Political Action Committe is a Lovian non-profit orginization and political lobby group. The PAC was formed when LMFPAC (Lovian Monarchy Forever) and LASUPAC (Liberals and Socalists United) formed and became Progressive PAC. PPAC has state level groups and endorses candiates nationwide.

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short for Liberals and Socialists United Political Action Committee, is a Lovian non-profit organization and political lobby group. LASUPAC financially contributes to "any political candidate in an election, who is the front runner and shares liberal or socalist views." LASUPAC hopes to endorse candidates in both local and state elections. They became PPAC in October 2010.




or Lovian Monarchy Forever Political Action Committee is a group founded in Noble City by some young teenagers who liked the monarchy. This PAC was also a response to the Republicanism in Lovia. The mission of LMFPAC is to preserve the monarchy and continue it for many years to come. The first people to join it are unknown but we know that it originated in Noble City in 2010. The group does not take money or even accept funding of any kind. Its main goal is to preserve Lovia and it's long lived monarchy. In 2010 the Lovian Monarchy Forever PAC combined with LASUPAC. The formed PPAC in October 2010.

Progressive PAC Edit



or Progressive Political Action Committe was founded by a combination between LASUPAC and LMFPAC. They both said in a statement "Progressivism in Lovia is the best choice and keeps monarchy in tact." The PAC supports candidates by funding there campaign. The PAC has many headquarters to supports candidates and show the better views of progressivism.

Members and donations Edit

Overall: $92,900.00

Mission statement Edit

PPAC's mission is "[to] win back Congress and overall make Lovia a center-left place for the middle class and poor."

Poster against the leaked 2005 Citibank Plutonomy memo

Criticism Edit

PPAC's donators have been criticized for contributing amounts up to $87,900 to a lobby group, and not to charity causes.

Another criticism by the rightist Lovians is that they don't have to win back any congress, because they already have a majority.

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