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LADD and Pabst Ad against Drunk Driving

LADD or Lovians Against Distracted Driving is a Lovian non-profit organization and lobby group founded by Marcus Villanova (Walden) in mid-2010. The organization's main goal is to spread the message that driving while under the influence of alcohol, or when texting, calling or changing radio stations, is dangerous.

LADD was founded after four people died in a car accident on Highway 4, caused by a distracted driver.

"Rules to the road" Edit

LADD has a set of "rules to the road":

  • Never drive under the influence.
  • If you or someone is Drunk do not drive home. Your life or there's is in danger.
  • If you are drunk and need to get home call a cab or have a designated Driver in your group.
  • Never talk and drive at the same time.
  • Never text and drive; studies show it's as dangerous as being drunk.
  • If you do need to check a text pull over, look at it, at then resume your drive.

LADDs Edit

Supporters of LADD include:

King Dimitri has also expressed his support.

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