Kyle Leavy Identity
Name Kyle Leavy
Full name Kyle Richard Leavy
Sex Male Male
Born March 2, 1954, Newhaven, Seal of Kings Kings
Spouse Claire Leavy
Home Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Functions Politician, teacher, civil servant, councillor
Languages English

Kyle Leavy (born March 2, 1954) is a Lovian politician and teacher. Leavy is currently an MOTC, as well as holding a senior position in the Ministry of Education, advising the Minister on higher education policy. Leavy is a member of United Left.

Leavy was born on March 2, 1954 in Newhaven, Kings to parents of American and Irish descent. He studied History at Noble University, and later trained as a teacher, spending twenty years teaching History and Citizenship at schools in Newhaven.

In 1996, Leavy left teaching, and began to advise the Kings State Government on educational policy and curriculum. He continued to advise the State Government until 2009, in a role which saw him overseeing the writing of much of the state's school curriculum.

In 2013, Leavy entered politics, running for the Kings State Council as a United Left candidate. He was elected to the Council, representing a constituency in urban Newhaven. After the election, Leavy was chosen as the Kings State Secretary for Education, serving in the State Council and Cabinet until 2014, when he resigned to run for Congress. Leavy was elected to Congress, and although he was not made a Minister, he took on a senior role in the Ministry of Education, advising Marcel Cebara on higher education policy.

Leavy is married, and lives in Noble City.