The korune was a not officially recognised currency introduced by the Oceana Association for the Expansion of Hurbanova, based upon the Slovak "koruna" and the early payment method of Slovak migrants. Though it was not an official coin in Lovia, many stores in Hurbanova accepted it during the Hurbanova Crisis of 2008. The currency did not become popular and the American dollar remained in use. After the crisis the korune practically disappeared because the coins were easy to falsify.

Coins and signs Edit

There were 12 coins and 6 bills, but the bills have never been published. The coins were split up in 3 groups, namely a bronze group, called little korune, abbreviated , a silver group, called ørne, abbreviated ø and a golden group, called korune, abbreviated к. In all three groups the coins had a value of 1, 2, 3 and 5. One korune was equal to $11,24 USD, so 10 к already was $112,40 USD. Amounts that high were very rare in the local shops of Oceana and therefore there was no need for paper money. The sign for the korune was к or †, к was used when the value was put in front of the sign, like 50 к, and † was used when the value was put after the sign, like †50,-.

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