Klauss Ský Identity
Klauss Sky
Name Klauss Ský
Full name Klauss Andrea Ský
Sex Male Male
Born February 28, 1950, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home Flag of the Empire of Oceana Oslobodenia 'Oshenna
Functions Interim Prime Minister
Languages Oceana, English
Roman Catholic

Klauss Andrea Ský (Hurbanova, 1950 - present) is the former interim Prime Minister of the Empire of Oceana. He was appointed by Emperor Il Duce Octavian to install Government Ský I to take care of the well-being of the capital of Oslobodenia 'Oshenna. Klauss Ský is still in need of several people to help him improve the settlement. Il Duce Octavian, who prefers General Ilava to become Prime Minister, has made clear that he Klauss Ský may remain Prime Minister until elections are being held. Those elections will be organized by Il Duce himself. Klauss Ský, stubborn, is actually not willing to give up his seat; thus this could become a serious conflict with the Emperor of Oceana. However, as the war went on, he was captured.