Kirtsen Blacksmith Identity
Kirtsen Blacksmith
Name Kirtsen Blacksmith
Full name Kirtsen Blacksmith
Sex Male Male
Born 7 April 1901, Flag of Lovia Small Kinley
Deceased 16 June 1953, Flag of Lovia Small Kinley
Spouse Caroline Hornes
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley
Functions Governor of Seven, Mayor of Kinley, doctor
Languages English, Spanish

Kirtsen Blacksmith (7 April 1901 - 16 June 1953) was a Seven politician for the Unionist Party who served for eight years as mayor of Kinley and for one term as governor of the state. A trained doctor of American-Lovian background, he became a member of the party in the 1930s and became mayor of Kinley in 1945 and governor only a short while after. His promising political career, however, was cut short in 1947 after the discovery was made that he had embezzled money from the state, and his party refused to let him stand again on a Unionist platform.

Blacksmith later produced documents which he said accounted for the extra expenditure, but these are nowadays believed to be fakes. Nevertheless, his popularity was restored to a level that he was able to remain mayor until he was killed by a heart attack in 1953.