The Kings Public Planning Service, often abbreviated as Kings PPS, is a Lovian administrative service run by the local authorities of the State of Kings. It was founded in 2010 by Governor Yuri Medvedev as a company that provided public services like maintaining the railroads. After a constitutional reform, the company dropped its economic activities and was turned into an administrative service for the urban and rural planning on Kings.

Occupations Edit

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The Kings Public Planning Service integrates all powers of the state level into a coherent plan. The most important powers are the protection of natural environments and monuments that are not (yet) protected by the federal level. The Kings PPS is mainly an administrative organ that functions as the planning office of the governor. A full oversight of its occupations:

  • The naming, organizing and maintaining of public places such as parks, streets and squares.
  • The protection of natural areas and environmentally significant places.
  • The protection of culturally significant monuments.
  • The construction and planning of Kings' infrastructure

As part of the city planning the Kings PPS operates the Newhaven Shopping Center, the Newhaven Airport and the Newhaven Harbor. The Planning Service also distributes the needed licenses to undertake activities that migt alter the existing planning of the city, such as changing the destination of a ground or the combined usage of multiple grounds.

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