Kings' Union of Nationalists
Motto A Strong Kings
  • KUN
  • Kings Nationalists
  • Kingsers
Party Leader ...
Chairman ...
Founded May 2015

██ Blue

  • Nationalism
  • Democratic Socialism
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Spectrum Left
Lovian Politics
Close to CCPL
Far from PL
0 / 100
Website www.kun.lo
Registered 312 (May 2015)

The Kings' Union of Nationalists is an offshoot from the left wing of the CNP. Formed in May 2015 by ... after they left the CNP claiming that it wasn't left wing enough. The party aligns itself with Kings Nationalism and Kings Socialism as bedrocks of its ideology. The party currently holds no seats in the Congress after the MotC it was trying to get to defect, Christopher Ried, refused. The party has not yet published a manifesto however has hinted at nationalist approaches to the social matters of Kings and statist pragmatism concerning economic matters. It is to be seen how many policies they share with the CNP, their predecessor.

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