The Kim family is a family of mainly Korean origin. The most famous representative in Lovia is the Hurbanovan artist and politician Kim Dae-su. The Kim family has representatives in Lovia, the United States, South Korea, China PR and Japan. The family came to Lovia when Kim Dae-su his father migrated to Lovia and acquired Lovian citizenship. He married a member of the also immigrated Jeong family. The Lovian branch of the Kim family is thus a combination of the Kim-Jeong families. This family is the most prominent representative family of Korean origin in Lovia.

Lovian branch (to the third generation) Edit

Kim Han-su was a Chinese citizen living in the autonomous prefecture of Yanbian. He is of mixed Korean-Han Chinese descent but moved to Lovia later on, holding only his Lovian citizenship. He is the son of Kim Jong-su, his Korean father, and the Han-Chinese Ya Lan-hong.

Iseul Jeong is a South Korean-Lovian citizen who was born in South Korea as the daughter of Haneul Jeong and the half-Japanese Mishihiko Ishibashi. Iseul moved with her mother Mishiko to Lovia. There she married Kim Han-su and they had a son together, Kim-Dae-su. Mishihiko and Dae-su both hold a double Korean-Lovian nationality too.

Four members of the family Live in Lovia: Mishihiko Ishibashi, Iseul Jeong, Kim Han-su and Kim Dae-su.

Mixture of ethnicities Edit

Though Caucasian Lovians sometimes tend to regard all Asian nationalities as 'simply Asian' many cultural differences exist even within Asian countries, which are often quite large. The Kim family itself is influenced by Korean, Han-Chinese and Japanese elements. Daes-su's two grandmothers are non-Korean, bringing the Han-Chinese and Japanese influences into the family line. Both Jong-su and Han-su lived in China PR so that is an obvious factor of relevance. More special is the marriage of Haneul Jeong, Dae-su's grandfather on his mother's side, to Mishihiko who is the daughter of a Japanese general and a Korean mother.

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