Kevin Murray Identity
Memories of the City
Name Kevin Murray
Full name Kevin Murray
Sex Male Male
Born September 11, 1972, Libertas Wikistad
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Singer
Languages Dutch, Libertan, English, Gaelic

Kevin Murray (Wikistad, September 11, 1972) is a popular Irish born Lovian musician, singer and producer. He is founder, lead vocalist, main lyricist, and guitarist of Full Frontal Buddha, originally founded in Libertas. He is assigned Chief Producer at Lovilago Music, mostly producing his own music.

Discography Edit

Full Frontal Buddha Edit

Arrow right Main article: Full Frontal Buddha.

Other appearances Edit

  • 2009 - Patrickson's, "The Danger: Of Spread", "The Danger 2: Of Space", "The Danger 3: Of Speech" - The Towners[1]

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References and notes Edit

  1. 'Patrickson's' article on Country Wiki.

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