Kem that lew is espavat (IPA: /ˈʔkɛm tʰat ˈɫɛʋ is ʔəˈspaʋac/, English: While the lion is asleep) is a Lovian song and the anthem of Hurbanova. It is also often used as an unofficial anthem of Oceana, often omitting the last refrain. It is written in 1894. The text was written by P.L.Q.C. Úskalie and later on translated to English by C.L. Easterfields in 1914, the music is by H. Sauren, who also wrote many famous country songs of Hurbanova. The original, and most sung, version is written in the Oceana Dialect. This song was also sung by Sofia Lilland in 1963.

In 2013, Oos Wes Ilava composed a state-wide anthem Oshine Oshenna, but Kem that lew is espavat remains more popular.

Lyrics Edit

Oceana English translation,1914 Hurbanovan English
Deep in that horeless 'Oshenna
Behine thie strum and curs
Thu can find e letislove
'Oshenna, oshine harven
Deep in the woods of Oceana
Behind the trees and bushes
Thou canst find thé peaceful home
Of Oceana, our state
Deep i'the wose of Oshenna
Behine the tees an bushes
You can fine da peacefull hame[1]
Of Oshenna, owe stae
Kem that lew is espavat
Hem na bivet is usporite
As we uhatshit hen from bespetshense
He bude ashatsh
While the lion is asleep
To him no danger will come
As we protect hine from danger
He will be safe
While the lew is esleep
To him no dainga comel
As we potek him fom dainga
He ale safe
Near That Great Oshen
Ko stow o'tshaicks fly
Ko tulenj potshkat ash
Came those she go do
Near the Pacific Ocean
Where thousands of sea gulls fly
Where seals are awaiting answers
Where to go to
Nea the Pacific Oshen
Whèi thousans of sea guls fly
Whèi seals a ewaitein anses
Whèi da go to
Ridock Chorus Core
Oshine Hurbanoft
Pe Narasha 'Oshenna espoke is
Ko lodsh amere
I's that pimiatka o'Slovenske
Our Hurbanova
Where Oceana is spoken
Where (Slovak) ships moor
It's Slovakia's souvenir
Ow Hubanova
Whèi Oshenna is espoken
Whèi (Slowk) ships mowe
I's Slowk's soiv'nie
Ridock Chorus Core

Chords Edit


References Edit

  1. Pronounced as /pˈiːəsfɑl jˈeːm/

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