Keeping up with the Donia's is a Lovian tv-series that airs on ... ever sunday. It is Lovia's first and biggest real-life show ever and it offers the viewer a view into the turbulant lifes of the infamous members of the notorious Donia Clan. Marriage and divorce, weddings and funerals, loyalty and infidelity, gambling and brawling family members, drinking, partying, smoking and cursing, vandalism even: nothing is spared from camera. Ambitious building projects, politics, love and betrayel, Keeping up with the Donia's is widely regarded as one of Lovia's most ambitious projects so far.

Format Edit

Characters Edit

  • Dalia Muhammed - mother of the family and widow of the red baron
  • Ygo August Donia - the eldest son, prominent celebrity
  • Bernd Bernard Donia - middle son, heavy drinker and trouble maker
  • Ivo Carlton Donia - youngest son, the ideal son and a good student
  • Dalia II Donia - modeling daughter, real party animal
  • Linda Donia - youngest child and daughter, aspiring model and actress

Seasons Edit

Arrow right See [[List of episodes from Keeping up with the Donia's]].

Season 1 airs on November 17, 2010. Season 1 will consist of ten episodes including the pilot presenting the cast members and a short making off the show. Filming began somewhere in may 2009 and footage of August Magnus Donia is therefore still included. Episode two is said to be a tribute to the baron, a special episode. Other episodes will be about Dalia's bad luck with her choice of men, Ygo's stories about his stormy marriage to his first wife, Bernd's drinking problem and Linda's modeling career.

Reception and criticism Edit

This section is under construction.

Director Edit

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