Karlovy Vary beer

Karlovy Vary is a Lovian beer produced by Easthills Brewery in East Hills, Oceana. The beer has been produced since 1915 and is a fairly popular brand in Lovia, though moreso in Oceana and Sylvania.


Karlovy Vary was founded by Michal Kinský, a poor Czech immigrant to East Hills. Having worked as an assistant in a brewery outside Karlovy Vary, he came to Lovia and started a beer brewery in the Czech style, naming it after his home town. By the 1950s the beer had become a popular local brand and was quite profitable. By the 1990s Karlovy Vary became the main Lovian export beer, and was popular for being a Czech-style beer at American prices.

In 2007 Karlovy Vary was sold to Traspesian Castillo Group, though production and name rights all remain with the company in East Hills. Production is slated to increase as the company seeks to expand throughout Lovia.

Beer varietiesEdit

  • Original Lager
  • Light Beer
  • 0 Alcohol
  • Michal Kinský: a premium dark beer named after the company founder

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