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Kameron Bank


Name Kameron Bank
Type public limited company
Product Financial Services
Origin Lovia
Founded 1982
Owner(s) Kameron Family (51%)
Employees tbs
Profit L$ tbs

Kameron Bank is the financial arm of Kameron Industries. While it operates as a bank for Lovians and foreigners, it makes a considerable amount of money off of it's investments.

History Edit

It was opened in 1982 in Noble City hoping to take advantage of the lucrative financial sector already there. It built up wealth using conservative investment strategies and the holding corporations large financial deposits. before the financial crisis hit, they were ridiculed as a bank that didn't act like a bank, in the prelude profits were low and competition was forcing Kameron Bank to lose customers to other banks. Despite difficulties they continued their conservative strategies and when the crisis did hit, it was largely unaffected and despite a reasonable amount of problems being caused, they were minor compared to other Lovian Banks.

Recently Kameron Bank started a customer program called Venture which aims to help fund small businesses and assist start ups with both financial and professional support.

Branches Edit

Transcity Branch and Headquarters Edit

The Transcity Branch and Headquarters is used for a variety of things. While providing ordinary bank services along with a highly profitable Venture program the branch is opening up new avenues for the Bank to expand into. It has rooms that are rented out for business meetings and it also provides educational degrees in finance, accounting and management along with this it also has a one month course available to teach workers how to communicate properly, work with others and use resources efficiently.

Abby Springs Branch Edit

Being one of the starting states for the company the Abby Springs branch is now well developed and serving large businesses as well as smaller ones and locals. This branch assisted the reboot of the Kings economy by straying from it's conservative policies and lending more liberally, while this has been curtailed since then, it is still the easiest Kameron Bank to do business with.

Drake Town Branch Edit

Experiencing the second most amount of trade of all Lovian branches, just behind the Transcity branch, the Drake Town branch has kept interests rates high to promote saving however this has eaten into profits despite the success of the local Venture program.

Downtown Sofasi Branch Edit

Clymene was the third state to be entered by Kameron Bank, in 1991 they purchased a small bit of undeveloped land right in the center of Sofasi. Quickly the land was used and a new Kameron Bank branch came into being. This branch has focused on supplying finance to locals to start businesses in hightech valley and milerose.

Old Kinley Branch Edit

Seven has a more communal localised branch compared to other states. Providing savings accounts for Seveners with higher interest rates than other Kameron branches, this has attracted wealth to the bank and allowed this to be reinvested into Seven.

Services Edit

Venture Edit