Shamilov relaxing in Pines, Newhaven

Kirill (Cyril) Shamilov, commonly known as K.S. Shamilov, is a Tatar Russian-Lovian inhabitant of Novosevensk. He lives in Old Port, Newhaven.

Early life Edit

Shamilov was born in 1942 in Kazan, Russia. Although ethnically a Tatar, he grew up bilingual, speaking both Russian and Tatar.

Career Edit

Although he began a course in chemistry at Moscow, he never earned a degree and instead became a businessman. He set up a toys company and invested the profit in oil company Surgutgaz. Both ventures did phenomenally well and by the age of 35, Shamilov had taken complete control of Surgutgaz.

Life in Lovia Edit

In 1998 Shamilov decided to retire, being a multi-millionaire. His chosen destination was the New World, but due to his dislike of American culture (shared by many older Russians), he eventually settled in Lovia, purchasing a large property at 1 Forest Street, Old Port.

Shamilov quickly became well known in Newhaven. This was partly due to his ownership of the Newhaven Mercury, which he purchased on arrival in 2001 and expanded greatly, and also due to his eccentricity. For instance, it was not unusual for him to throw huge parties for Tatar friends of his. At such times tourists to Newhaven would often be confused by the sight of yurts incongruosly dotted around in the modern City of Newhaven. It was also common to see him shuffling in shabby clothes to the nearby Lizard, smiling toothlessly at passers-by.

He was also well-known for the very ambitious projects that he periodically dreamed up; for instance, his plan for encouraging Russian immigrants to settle in Newhaven, paying for their plane tickets and passports, and to build the first mosque ever seen in Lovia, and a Russian Orthodox Church. He himself is Muslim.

Yurt on Forest Street

Yurt outside Shamilov's house

House on Forest Street Edit

Shamilov's house on 1 Forest Street, Old Port, is fairly large and has some extense of land, which is often used by Shamilov for the parties which he holds.

The Newhaven Mercury was printed in the house, until it was sold in 2013 to Edward Tevanian.

Name Edit

A frequent joke among the inhabitants of Newhaven is Shamilov's repeated attempts to anglicise his name. There is therefore some variation in how it is written. Below is the list of his names that have appeared in the Mercury:

  1. K.S. Shamilov (2001-2003)
  2. Cyril Shamilov (2003-2006)
  3. Cyril Samuelson (2006-2007)
  4. K.S. Shamilov (2007-)

He is generally known to friends as Cyril or Kirill depending on whether they are English or Russian and to others as Shamilov or K.S. Shamilov

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