Kórd Lankhammer Identity
Name Kórd Lankhammer
Full name Kórd Jón Merg Kuuep Lankhammer-Mans
Sex Male Male
Born November 9, 1974, Flag of Mäöres Landjspaort, Mäöres
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Ambassador
Languages Limburgish, English, Kólsztersj, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Kórd Lankhammer (IPA: [ˈkòɐ̯ð ˈláŋ̊ˌkʰɑ̈̀mɐr]) is a Mäöreser ambassador who is head of the Mäöreser Embassy in Noble City, Lovia, since 20 February 2012, replacing Oos Wes Ilava as administrator. He began his career after he graduated from Saenteim University where he had studied international business. After that, Lankhammer took an English language course and started working at the Lovian Embassy in Mäöres. In 1999, he was move to the Mäöreser Embassy in Lovia, where he is still working. He started with a low-paid job as a secretary for the legislative part at the embassy. He moved to the business section of the embassy in 2007 and was rewarded for his work in the economic relations between Lovia and Mäöres. During the Hurbanovan Crisis in 2008, he was put on non-active duty because of his partiality and his support for the rebels in Oceana. He learnt the Oceana language during his eight months' break and he became the embassy's regional advisor for Oceana that same year. He followed a short part-time management course from 2009 until 2011, so he could replace retiring ambassador Oos Wes Ilava in 2012.